LaAmistad At A Glance


Who We Are

LaAmistad is a community-supported non-profit organization working to empower Latino students and families to achieve their dreams. We utilize a holistic programming structure that includes after school tutoring, parent education, English language courses, and educational Summer enhancement programs.

What We Do

Afterschool Tutoring 
LaAmistad operates volunteer-led after-school programming throughout metro Atlanta focusing on specialized attention and community mentorship. The goal is to improve academic performance by catering to the individual needs of each student. Academic support is supplemented by summer enrichment programs and opportunities that provide students with career, cultural and life experiences. LaAmistad also offers counseling and family support services to students and families as part of a uniquely holistic approach.

Parent Partnership 
We believe that parent education is as important as student education. Parents must be equally committed to their student’s academic growth and must pledge to ensure that their student graduates from high school. Our ongoing parent workshops provide caregivers with the tools and skills necessary to help their students achieve success both at home and at school. Parents are also invited to participate in civic engagement opportunities, helping to form strong community networks and reliable support systems.

English for Successful Living (ESL)
LaAmistad’s 10-week English for Successful Living program provides adult students the opportunity to learn English at a variety of convenient locations.

Community Outreach
LaAmistad is proud to partner with churches, schools, and businesses to provide environments that foster success. We believe that engaging students, families, and caregivers together as a cohesive unit establishes an environment in which every student has the opportunity to thrive academically, physically, and personally.

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