The Suzanne W. Schirber LaAmistad Scholarship


The LaAmistad scholarship fund was created in loving memory of Suzanne W. Schirber, a former and dedicated LaAmistad volunteer. The scholarship will support incoming college freshmen and/or current college students in pursuit of higher education.

“Suzanne spent a lot of time with the LaAmistad students' and formed an emotional bond with many of them”, says Greg Schirber, widow of Suzanne W. Schirber. “Her wish was to see LaAmistad students' prosper and her hope was that this gift could help these students pursue higher education”. 


  • Enrolled in LaAmistad Afterschool for at least one year.
  • Enrolled as a 12th grade student with sufficient credits to graduate in the spring of 2022 or enrolled full-time/part-time in an accredited, not-for-profit, 2-year, or 4-year university.
  • Maintain at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA based on a 4.0 scale.
  • You are not eligible to apply for this scholarship if you are an immediate family member of any full-time LaAmistad employee or LaAmistad scholarship committee member.

All eligible students are encouraged to apply. If you need any assistance when completing the application, please contact or call 404-842-2183.


Applications must be filled out completely, include all required support materials and must be completely submitted by the deadline of May 31, 2022, at 11:59 PM.

In addition to a completed application and the required essays, every applicant must submit at least one letter of recommendation and a copy of their most recent high school or college transcript. Letters of recommendation and transcripts can be sent via email to

Incomplete scholarship applications cannot be considered and will not be returned.


In order for LaAmistad to disperse scholarship funds to the college/university, awardees must provide current proof of enrollment from the college/university with the student ID number as well as a contact name and mailing address for the Student Accounts Office. 

Scholarship recipients will be contacted directly and will be posted online at by June 28, 2022.

Please contact us at or 404-842-2183 if you have any questions.

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MISCELLANEOUS: All scholarship packages and materials will become the property of LaAmistad and will not be returned. Mechanically reproduced, illegible, incomplete or inaccurate entries are void. Only one entry per person is permitted. The Suzanne W. Schirber, LaAmistad Scholarship Committee decisions regarding this scholarship and the scholarship recipients will be final and binding in all respects. LaAmistad reserves the right to terminate this scholarship if fraud, technical failures or any other factor beyond its reasonable control impairs the integrity of the scholarship. If it is determined that a person selected as the scholarship recipient is deemed ineligible or does not submit the requisite documents or participate as requested by LaAmistad, it will be deemed as though said person has forfeited the scholarship and the LaAmistad Scholarship Committee may, in its sole discretion, select another scholarship recipient. In its sole discretion, the LaAmistad Scholarship Committee may disqualify any person whom it considers to have intentionally violated any element of this scholarship. All taxes (federal, state, and local) are the sole responsibility of the scholarship recipients, who may be required to complete tax forms. Scholarship recipients agree that the LaAmistad Scholarship Committee may conduct the necessary withholding under law. By participating, entrants agree: to release and hold harmless LaAmistad and the sponsors, and their respective parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, directors, officers, employees, and agents, from any and all liability with respect to acceptance, possession or use (or misuse) of the scholarship or participation in the scholarship.

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