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Having seen the positive impact of LaAmistad afterschool programs on overall school performance, schools throughout the metro area frequently inquire about adopting LaAmistad afterschool programs of their own. LaAmistad's church-school partnerships have numerous benefits, including but not limited to, increased student attendance and academic performance at school as well as positive changes in attitude and behavior.

LaAmistad volunteers are recruited, trained, and supervised by a Site Director and a Parent Liaison, both of whom serve as primary points of contact for the partner school and the church site. The Site Director is responsible for the overall day-to-day operations of the program, while the Parent Liaison works to ensure increased parental involvement with both the LaAmistad program and the school. Most often, the Site Director is hired directly from the partner school as this enables schools to have a voice in program policies and procedures and implementation of academic enrichment and remediation strategies. Most importantly, it strengthens the relationship between the families and the schools.

Host LaAmistad Afterschool/adult ESL at your Church or Community Center

Since its inception in 2001, LaAmistad afterschool and ESL programs have been housed in nearby churches, both small and large in congregation size. Most current LaAmistad programs currently exist within churches due largely to the fact that this replication model has been so successful. Churches not only provide the necessary classroom space to facilitate a program but also have an immediate resource of volunteers willing to get involved in local program initiatives. Most importantly, churches provide a safe space where families feel like they are both invited and welcomed to participate in the church.

As your church considers becoming a LaAmistad church, you will want to consider the following questions:

  • Can you provide the adequate space (typically 3-5 classrooms with one general recreation area)
  • Can you help LaAmistad recruit volunteers?
  • Can you assume financial responsibility for the following expenses?
  • A minimum contribution on a yearly basis for years 1-3
  • Contribution for years 4 and over to sustain program

To discuss any of these options in further detail, email or call us at 404-842-2183.

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