Mario Corea

Program Director

Mario was raised in Miami, Florida by parents who fled Nicaragua during civil unrest in the 1980s. During his undergraduate studies at the University of Florida (UF), he spent a summer abroad reconnecting with his cultural heritage by volunteering with several grassroots development organizations in Nicaragua. The experience inspired him to dedicate his life to addressing issues of global poverty and social justice. After graduating from UF with a Bachelor’s in Political Science and certificates in International Relations and Latin American Studies, he began to explore the non-profit sector by becoming involved with various education and health-based organizations both domestically and abroad in Latin America and Southeast Asia.

In 2014, he enrolled at Emory University to pursue a Master’s in Development Practice degree with a focus and certificate in Human Rights.  In January 2016 and while still at Emory, Mario joined the ranks of LaAmistad’s staff as a Parent Liaison. After graduating, he committed to staying in Atlanta to continue his work with the local Latino community. Over time, his involvement with LaAmistad grew as he took on more roles and responsibilities which included ESL Coordinator, Grant Writer, and Administrative Assistant, until his promotion to the position of Program Director in July 2020.

When not dedicating his efforts to advancing LaAmistad’s mission, he enjoys being surrounded by friends, family, and nature, exploring different cultures through books and travel, and staying physically, mentally, and spiritually fit through exercise and meditation.

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